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Undated 20p Coin Sell for £100′s on eBay

5 July 2009 31,075 15 Comments

This unique event has already caused a great deal of excitement among coin collectors. The Royal Mint strikes all of Britain’s circulating coinage and is at the forefront of minting technology the world over. Its stringent quality control procedures mean that an error such as this is exceptionally rare indeed.

The error involves a mismatch of designs for the 20p.

In this instance the NEW reverse side (tails) and the OLD Queen’s portrait side have been put onto the same coin. The old heads side has NO DATE and this has been matched to the new reverse which also has NO DATE which means the coin has no date on it at all.

The London Mint Office will pay you 50 Pounds for one, however a quick search on eBay shows that the actual undated 20p coins on both sides are selling for ?100′s and in on eBay US selling for $1000′s.

Check Out These 20p Auctions

But be careful as there are many auctions selling 20p’s which have a date on one side so worth only 20p, but bidders have bidded over £10 for these.

Quick Guide to the undated 20p

This is the old design 20p piece and all versions with the old design are worth only their face value of 20p

This is an error variety of the new design 20p piece – note that the Queen?s head side does not have a date whereas the regular version carries the date ?2008′.

This is the new design 20p piece – and the version shown above is worth only its face value of 20p



  • james francis said:

    Can someone please tell me if the 20p coin no dates are worth that much really as i have eight and all in mint condition .

  • Nick said:

    Yes they are, the royal mint are offering ?50 each for them but you could probobly sell them for at least double on eBay.

  • Simon said:

    To James Francis, if you have these undated 20p coins, can I buy one off you?
    Simon CARDIFF UK

  • Sean said:

    This is a complete April 1st, don’t be fooled!

  • Lucy Lu said:

    Which planet are you on Sean, it’s not April 1st??

  • Sean said:

    Thanks Lucy, I was unaware that proof of life beyond earth existed you learn something every day, dont you? – unless of course you are making contact from another planet, which one I wonder, let me guess, is it ur**us.

  • jools said:

    ive just got ?400 for 1 on ebay

  • Monika said:

    Hi , I have one, if you are interested to buy for 10O, i will sell it with pleasure

  • Simon said:

    james, are you selling all 8 undated 20p coins?

  • Simon said:

    How much are you selling each one for?

  • ABZ said:

    Hi there I’ve read a lot about the undated 20p, and I can honestly say that no-one makes any sense at all!
    Well look at this way, for the first time in the royal mint’s 300yr history there has been a major cock-up.
    The royal mint is the most respected an proffesional of coin and note minters.
    So instead of selling the 20p why not keep it because who knows in a few years time they will be worth much more than the ?50 they are offering.

  • Jock said:

    For the record, the London Mint Office has nothing to do with the Royal Mint, it is a coin collecting company, so if they are sweeping them up for ?50, you can guarantee that they are actually worth a lot more already, and plenty are selling on Ebay for ?100 and upwards. I am keeping mine for now.

  • Gemma said:

    i have a 20p with no date on it in mint condition does anyone want to by it???

  • shahzad khan said:

    hi i have many undated 20p i would like to sell them,

  • awais khan said:

    i have 7 mule coins how much are they worth

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