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Michael Jackson: Skin Color Uncovered

7 July 2009 41,397 17 Comments

Michael Jackson’s skin color was something that was always in the media and always surrounded by controversy. Michael Jackson always sustained that he suffered from a skin disorder which he told the public on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1993 – his first interview since 1979!, and dismissed claims that he bleached his skin to become white.

However the media as well as Ian Halperin (unauthorised biogrpaher)?reported that he changed his skin color. After Jackson’s death Quincy Jones recently made the blunt statement he just “didn’t want to be black”.

TTKN have uncovered that Michael Jackson suffered from Vitiligo and Lupus skin disorders, which Jackson had maintained all his life. His long time friend and doctor Deepak Chopra told People that “he had been diagnosed with lupus and he had vitiligo. There’s some recent research that suggests that if children have experienced either physical or verbal, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, then 20, 30 years later they can develop these autoimmune diseases including lupus.”

A few pictures behind the scenes from the 1995 music video for “They Don’t Care About Us”.

Pictures?from the Dangerous tour, 1992.



  • Janet said:

    I believe he had vitiligo bz I have seen this disease. I have heard much and read a lot about it, and for someone like MJ he must have been traumatized and to know that Americans thought he bleached must have hurt him, but that is how the public is – insensitive and mean. No natural love for each other. No empathy! THey love anything unkind and debasing about other. One minute they love y0u and the other minute they tear you down. Sad, we human beings!

  • JohnRJ08 said:

    I think most people are talking about a celebrity who chose to be mysterious and bizarre, and whose adult life was rife with controversy. While I can accept that Jackson bleached his skin because of his lupus and vitiligo, I can’t see any rational explanation for his self-mutilation. A blind man could see that Jackson wanted to remove all of the features he had been born with. If we weren’t being inundated with Jackson’s 24-hour per day canonization process in the media, it is unlikely that any of us would even be mentioning his name. I never “loved” Michael Jackson. I enjoyed his music and his videos, but I reserve my love for people whom I know. Those who elevate celebrities above ordinary mortals and seek to moderate any honest discussion of their lives need to get some therapy.

  • stephen said:

    This skin disorder vitiligo may be a surprise to you guys in USA but here in Uganda,its something that we’ve seen for years and its no surprise seeing someone with it.Actually,in our ganda culture,we associate it with twins not being happy with the affected person.Like you fathered twins and taking good care of them,or mistreating there mother,etc.There’ no known cure here and am sure M.J had it.

  • stephen said:

    i meant to say,fathering twins and you aint taking good care of them,or mistreating there mom,or you are engaged in a relationship other than there mom…

  • Lucy Lu said:

    JohnRJ08 you are quite funny, if a women was to have any surgery e.g. bigger breasts you would have no complaints, but MJ, having nose surgery after his first nose op was unsuccessful is not!!!

  • myzip said:

    shameful, that people chose to interrogate what the true problem about a person who would try to design a look, that would make him or her to fit into a dynamic thats design for, and made for people who constantly bombard the world with its propaganda on its way of life, and some how believe their not responsible for the condition that effects not just in america but globally, then sits back and say things as to not believing that their sickness and nihilistic ways dont contribute to those indivisuals whom are weak and brainwashed to the ideology of a degenerate people

  • kim said:

    I feel that Michael Jacksons family are all hurting right now, please have some sympathy for these people. Allow them to grieve, allow them their privacy . Please give them the opportunity for silence and we can all grieve in silence with them.
    May God Bless Michael and his family

  • DeloresT said:

    My sister and god-daughter died from Lupus. It’s difficult to live with and most die early from it.

  • Laurel said:

    I don’t believe he had vitiligo at all. That looks more to me like bleach that didn’t take. I’ve seen vitiligo in person several times, and it looks not like that, but rather, dark skin with patches of white. Not the other way around, as Jackson has it. And as for the sore on his shin, ok that could have been from an accident of some sort.

  • Veeky said:

    I agree with Kim, Media people is making money, They should have some sense of hummer

  • RealityCheck said:

    Umm. Laurel, do you happen to be a specialist in dermatology?
    No? I didn’t think so, either.
    Just FYI, having seen a disease in several people in no way constitutes professional knowledge. Dermatologists agree that the disease varies in degree of severity. What you’ve just said about amounts to “I’ve seen a few kids with peanut allergies before, and they just get mild skin rashes, so I don’t believe that kid over there that’s dying of asphyxiation over there is having a peanut allergy attack at all.”

  • charity said:

    Michael’s issue with his face is Joe Jackson’s fault! I think MJ didn’t like how he looked and when he looked in the mirror he saw Papa Joe! Michael didn’t want to look like his father! I could care less how he looked. Its ALWAYS been about the MUSIC for me.

  • kevin said:

    i donot care what he looked like … i just care about his music….

  • Marie-Antoinette said:

    People show some respect for the soul of MJJ. Think twice before writing something negative about him. Think about those three kids, they also have eyes to see and ears to hear. Please this is a major lost for his family. Give them the space, the time and allow them to grieve.
    Talk about good thinks he done in his life. Let Michael Rest in PEACE. That man the world knew as Michael Jackson was a great Soul during his Life on earth as now in the heaven! Putting someone else down is so easier than looking at your own mistakes!
    May the Lord Bless Michael, may he rest in peace. God’s Blessings for his family!

  • Marie-Antoinette said:


  • Shannon said:

    A lot of white people do not know a damn thing about those kind of skin disorders because it mostly occurs in people with drak pigment. I have a few family members who went through the same issu as Michael, so how in the world are some of you gonna come on here acting like you know if Michael was lying about it. You can see the signs of the skin disoder in the photos. Bunch of wannabe know it alls out there. RIP Michael.

  • Steven Crowley said:


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